The Bookshop Band


Formed in late September 2010, The Bookshop Band write songs inspired by books, and play them in bookshops.

Most of the songs come from when their local bookshop in Bath, Mr Bs Emporium Of Reading Delights, hosts an author evening. The band read the book, and write two songs inspired by it, to be performed at the start of the evening, with the author in the audience.

They recorded 4 albums together at the end of the their first year, with original third member Poppy Pitt, and began to organise their own tours to other independent bookshops around the UK, Ireland and France.

Beth Porter is a songwriter, cellist, singer. Plays as a cellist for a number of musicians, including Eliza Carthy, as well as her own band Beth Porter and the Availables (their debut album was in the Telegraph’s top folk albums of 2015), and string quartet The Stringbeans.

Ben Please is a songwriter, guitarist. He often composes music for film and animation, including work on the BAFTA (2011) winning animation The Eagleman Stag. He is co-founder of the Bath arts / music / poetry monthly The Bath Burp, has a linocut studio, and occasionally works as an environmental filmmaker in East Africa.

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Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, Bath

Poppy left the band at the start of 2015 to pursue a career in teaching. This initiated a year of recording and mixing to get down all the songs they had written in the previous years, which will be released as ten new albums over 2016 / 2017.

Ben and Beth will be travelling all through 2016 to promote their release, playing in bookshops, libraries, music venues and festivals.